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mutual funds

New Stamp Duty Rules on Mutual Fund Investors 2020

All your mutual fund purchases will attract stamp duty from July 1 onwards. This means that whenever you make a new investment in a mutual fund scheme, it could be any scheme: equity, debt...
Types of Debt mutual funds and benefits

Types of Debt mutual funds and benefits

In Debt funds when companies or debt instruments issuing entity want to raise funds, they ‘borrow’ from individuals (investors). In return, they promise a steady and regular interest to the lender. We discuss features...
features equity mutual funds

Features of Equity mutual funds, Types and benefits

Equity funds come under types of mutual funds. We are understanding what is equity funds and what are the features equity mutual funds? And how to choose the best equity mutual funds to invest...
mutual funds india

Mutual Funds: Everything about mutual fund

When we see the advertisement on television about mutual funds we always have a common question in a mind what is mutual funds India, mutual fund kya hai? mutual fund kya hota hai? what...